About Computer Nirvana

Mark Litin, Owner and Manager of Computer Nirvana , has been an IT professional since 1987.

  • Oracle and SQL Server database and data management specialist
  • Application developer, manager, and director of database administration
  • Director of data storage technology
  • Expert in Microsoft and Apple technology

Mark has led major trouble-shooting and database management efforts and managed technical teams in the insurance, telecommunications, e-marketing, and airline industries. Companies he’s helped include United Airlines, SBC, and United Insurance.

His leadership style has always been customer-centric, and his award-winning teams have always been close-knit, striving to provide excellent customer service within complex IT environments. Computer Nirvana has extensive technical experience and insight into the integration of technology and business in customer-serving industries. This long-standing and practical experience allows Computer Nirvana to offer expert customer-centric and business-centric technical services for all its clients.